Thursday, December 10, 2009

Why Do I Never Continue What I Start??

So I said I was going to start writing again and then I guess I just forget or get busy trying to fill my time with other things. I am not even sure I should be blogging some of my feelings are so secret and so intense that I fear the judgement of others, or do I? Maybe I am just afraid I will read back all that I have written and answer some of my own questions. I am home sick today, kinda glad too, work has not been my most favorite place to be lately. I don't really think I have a favorite place to be at all ever. Thinking thinking thinking but should I write it all down? Life and its little big dramas!!!!

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  1. Here's some advice- if you want to share personal things but don't want the world to see it and want to control who does see it you can make your blog private and only invite those you want to see it. (Which better be me;). Blogging for me is a big outlet. And I love that I will have it forever to go back and look at and see where I've been- my ups and downs and all arounds. Keep it up sister!